QuickStart Guide

Step 1 - Once you've signed up for an account, check your email for the link to your new eppraisal-Pro account

Now the fun begins. Find the email from eppraisal.com with the "Secure sign in for Property Valuation & Home Estimator" subject line. Next, click on the "Sign in to Property Valuation & Home Estimator / eppraisal" link within the email. You'll then be transported to the dashboard for the eppraisal-Pro widget.

Don't see an email? Check your spam folder. Still don't see an email. Try signing in again. See steps here.

Step 2 - Make your way to the Dashboard

After clicking on the link you'll land on the Dashboard of Eppraisal Pro.

Roll your mouse over the "account" icon in the top right hand corner of the page, slide it down to "my account", then click.

Here you'll be presented with the html code to your widget.

Step 3 - Have the HTML code entered onto your Content Management Platform

After entering the code on your content management platform, the widget will appear in the bottom right of each page on your site. Once it's engaged by potential customers, it opens-up and they will be asked a short series of pre-composed questions on intent and contact information. Once their information is submitted, it will appear in the "Leads" section of your eppraisal-Pro dashboard.

Want to optimize the number of leads you collect? See our Frequently Asked Questions for full details.

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